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What's food without its natural habitat of stories, people and places?

If you choose the love for food over #foodporn, if you believe that cooking and eating are mainly about discovery, joy and relationship (with nature, people, knowledge and places), this Meetup group is for you.

As Soup As Possible (http://assoupaspossible.com)is a project created by Angelica Vigilante (https://www.meetup.com/assoupaspossible/members/2396094/) to collects stories, (food-)travel notes and recipes under the sign of soup, where "soup" is another name for for comfort, warmth, nutritiousness and universality.
Soup seems to transcend cultures and cuisines: it belongs to the memory of anyone who ever owned a concept of home, and it speaks of cosiness, nurturing and sharing.
That's the spirit of this Meetup too.
Our meetings will always involve good food, but ultimately be about what food touches and implies: personal memories, family recipes, culinary traditions and explorations, nutrition, biodiversity, and the knowledge of food makers, professional cooks and passionate amateurs.

This group is a spin-off of AsSoupAsPossible.com (http://www.assoupaspossible.com), "a (possibly) warm, cosy and nutritious blog" with a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/c/assoupaspossible).
You can follow me on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/assoupaspossible/) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/assoupaspossible/) or join the monthly newsletter (http://eepurl.com/cxRpzH).

Soup's on! I hope to see you soon!

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Saturday Night Gnocchi. Collaborative Cooking Workshop + Social Dinner

Come make some authentically yummy Neapolitan gnocchi, good memories and new friends (who like to cook) on August 24th! Let's set a couple of basic things straight, before you even sign up: 1) It's written "gnocchi", it's pronounced /'NyockkY/ - no worries, the workshop includes free pronunciation coaching! 2) The real fresh 'gnocchi di patate' you are going to make and enjoy are nothing like the industrial "gnocchi" that can be found on supermarket shelves. Prepare your palate to be pampered and your confidence to be rightly puffed up! Don't waste any more good years of your cooking life not knowing how to treat yourself and others to great fresh gnocchi whenever you feel like it! You'll be amazed at how easy it is to make impeccable potato gnocchi in just one hour, with the right guidance and a few simple tricks. As Soup As Possible's initiatives are a celebration of togetherness, real food, and the joys that come from sharing the most genuine things in life. I'll share with you my own family gnocchi story, recipes and nonna's tricks in an informal setup, as if you were gathered in a friend's kitchen. You'll learn the ins and outs of this festive Italian specialty in a relaxed, homelike atmosphere during a highly interactive collaborative cooking session. Each participant will make their good share of gnocchi, and the result will come together in a flavourful and convivial social dinner at the end. This event is hosted in collaboration with Terre Lente. Owner Luigi will welcome us to his oasis of genuine Southern-Italian flavours and conviviality in the heart of the Jordaan. (Limited) extra seats are available at the dinner table for guests who prefer to only join for the social dinner (from 7:30PM). It's a good opportunity for workshop participants to invite friends to taste their very own gnocchi! If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to message As Soup As Possible (via Meetup, Instagram or Facebook). See you in the kitchen! Ciao! Angelica _________________________________________________________________________ Event details. ***** WHAT'S INCLUDED? FOR GNOCCHI MAKERS (FULL): • Welcome coffee/tea • Gnocchi workshop • Handout with tips and recipes • Use of aprons • (Vegetarian friendly) dinner, including: -- Gnocchi alla finta trapanese -- a selection of Southern-Italian specialties by Terre Lente -- seasonal vegetable dishes -- freshly baked sourdough bread -- homemade dessert. • 1 glass of Italian wine or soft drink by Terre Lente • Unlimited tap water ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FOR GNOCCHI EATERS (DINNER ONLY): • (Vegetarian friendly) dinner • 1 glass of Italian wine or soft drink • Unlimited tap water ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SPECIAL REQUESTS. This is a fixed-menu event - however, we are happy to accommodate people with dietary restrictions as much as possible. Vegan/dairy-free options are available upon email request. Any special request will need to be confirmed via email with a 3-day notice. ******* HOW TO JOIN. Please note that RSVP is not a valid reservation. To secure your spot, you'll need to buy a ticket at: https://assoupaspossible.stager.nl/web/tickets Both full and dinner only tickets are available on the web shop. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TICKETS: > FULL (workshop + lunch): 58 EUR > DINNER ONLY (admission from 19:30): 30 EUR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MINIMUM ATTENDANCE: The workshop requires a minimum attendance of 8 participants to be activated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CANCELLATION POLICY In case the event is cancelled by the organisers due to unforeseen circumstances, tickets will be refunded immediately, in full. ****** FOOD HANDLING: If you're joining the workshop and you have long hair, please remember to bring something to tie them up. Thank you.

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