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[BOOK] The Happiest Man On Earth - Holocaust autobiography

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[BOOK] The Happiest Man On Earth - Holocaust autobiography


In this meetup, let's discuss the (not very thick) book from Eddie Jaku - The Happiest Man on Earth (also available in Dutch: De gelukkigste Man Ter Wereld)


"Uplifting memoir from a Holocaust survivor."

"A solid addition to Holocaust literature."

"Eddie Jaku’s story honors the countless murdered millions, whose voices, like their lives and loves, were cut short by bigotry and hate. Through his recounting of terror, starvation, sickness, and the deep sadness of his murdered family, we walk in the shadow of the very worst genocide in history. No human deserved the pain, suffering, and brutality that was inflicted upon the victims of the Holocaust. Yet Eddie Jaku takes us by the hand and walks us through this inhuman disaster with head held high. Walking in Jaku’s shoes also reveals to us the enormity of love that strangers develop for each other under incredibly tragic circumstances. Eddie Jaku lifts our spirits."

Goodreads: 4,65 (40k reviews)


PLEASE don't set yourself to attend if you are not planning to actually show up. Also, if u are very prone to last minute cancellations, set yourself NOT to attend please, just decide last minute to go or not. This makes organisation easier - thanks for being considerate in this!


This meetup is sponsored by Books in Belgium (, the local marketplace for used and antique books.

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People with a realistic worldview
People with a realistic worldview
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