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This group is for everybody who is interested in Golang (www.golang.org). The aim of this group is to organize meetups in (and around) Amsterdam.

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Go meetup @ Hatch


We're happy to announce that our next Go meetup will be hosted by Hatch on the 20th of June. Doors will open at 18h and there is time for having a chat, drink and some food / snacks (sponsored by Hatch). At 18h30 we will start with the presentations. Presentations Ruba Zeibak Structuring your Go project. Erik Dubbelboer High performance Go. Antti Kupila Godoc (and improving package design). Lightningtalks Please let us know if you're interested in giving a lightningtalk! Dimitris Baltas Ergo, a cli tool for daily developer workflow. Merten van Gerven Contraversial way of dealing with errors to inspire (passionate) conversation

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Go meetup @ MessageBird