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Learning and implementing Getting Things Done (GTD) is a lifelong endeavor. To help each other, exchange best practices, share insights and ask questions a meetup is a great tool. So let's meet regularly and see how you as a GTD-beginner as well as you as a seasoned GTD'er can help each other further practicing GTD. Meetups are open meetups, so no formal agenda or chairpersons. Just meet and get together. Suggestions for topics are more than welcome so as to make sure everyone gets value out of meeting.

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High Voltage! GTD and Energy Management

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Hey friends, once again it's time for a virtual exchange on Getting Things Done (GTD).

This time it's all about energy. Not so much about what comes out of the socket in your wall, but rather about how energized you feel over a day and your life.

What gives you energy? What drains it? Do you feel like you have ZBC (Zero Brain Capacity)? And most of all, how is your GTD system connected to how energetic you feel? Self-management is after all about allocating limited resources, and what is the ultimate limited resource if not your time and energy. How do you do that?

What to expect?

This is an open exchange of practitioners of Getting Things Done (GTD). We want to share our experiences openly, concerning the coolest self-management method on the planet. We can not promise you any definite answer on how to find more energy, but we can provide a space to share your insights and learn from others.


The format of the meetUp will be an open discussion. We will have a little introduction and some guiding questions prepared. But the magic of the MeetUp comes from the stories and experiences shared by the participants.

Not familiar with GTD?

This MeetUp is run by GTD practitioners. GTD is a self-management method that helps you keep a free mind and relief your brain of the burden of remembering and reminding. If you are not familiar with GTD, that's OK and you are most welcome to join the MeetUp! You can find a lot of valuable resources on GTD here:
https://gettingthingsdone.com. Just keep in mind that we will keep an eye on the discussion and make sure that the discussion remains valuable for GTD practitioners.

Looking forward to seeing you in our next MeetUp!


The next meetup will take place on Tuesday, 07 February 2023, 20:00 to 21:30 CET (with an added extra energy booster virtual afterparty if you like), on Zoom. Dial-in details will be provided once you have registered.


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