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SensemakersAMS is a volunteer based community dedicated to connecting people and sharing knowledge, ideas & hands-on experience related to new technology, mostly IoT and AI.
Everybody is welcome: Technical, non-technical or just interested. If you like to know more, be involved or are just curious: Just come to one of our meetups:
• 1th Wednesday: DIY hands-on in the Makerspace at OBA, there are 3Dprinters, lasercutters, sensors arduino, RaspberryPi etc. We also learn by collaborating on projects that impact the city (waterquality, sound) with e.g. Marineterrein, Waag & SensingClues
• 3th Wednesday: Sharing knowledge, ideas & connecting people at CodamCollege
• Random: handson workshops, excursions or whatever comes up:-)

As we want to bring you interesting speakers, who can share their thoughts, experiences and/or wisdom, we would appreciate you tipping us off when you know or heard about someone!

Presentations from earlier meetups can be found on our website
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or join us on Slack by providing us your emailadress in a dm.

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