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The 13th of June shareNL presents two forward looking concepts in one Meetup: Collaborative/Sharing Economy meets Internet of Things!
This combination will definitely yield some interesting outcomes to reach a higher level of impact and efficiency in our society.

Why is the IoT an important element in the Collaborative Economy 2.0?

IoT can be combined with the Collaborative Economy through sensing, locating, tracking and unlocking data that will enable the coordination necessary to determine the availability and status of a particular asset. This goes hand in hand with the Collaborative Economy - facilitating the matching of supply and demand in real time of underutilized assets.

Join this conversation and share your ideas, but first of all be inspired by our speakers- all experts in the field or startups experimenting with sharing and IoT.


ANANDA GROAG- shareNL Mobility expert


THE THINGS NETWORK - Laurens Slats: Community Manager

SLOCK.IT - Laura Hermann: Business Development Responsible

URBEE-Erik de Winter: Business Developer


Host: Harmen van Sprang: co- founder of shareNL

Stay tuned for more!

This is the second out of a chain of four Meetups that we have prepared for 2017 under the title ‘’The Future of the Collaborative Economy’’- check the agenda below for dates of our next Meetups. Check our previous event ‘’ Collaborative Economy and Blockchain ’’ https://www.meetup.com/shareNL/events/237336341/ and our blog http://www.sharenl.nl/nieuws/the-collaborative-economy-blockchain-meetup

Q: Fee?
A: You pay only for your drinks, shareNL Meetups are for free!

Q: English or Dutch?
A: Speakers are encouraged to speak English but it’s only an encouragement. Host speaker will speak English though!

Q: Registration?
A: Yes, please register through http://meetup.com/sharenl

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This year, the meetups all have a common thread: THE FUTURE. What does this entail? Technology, decentralization, and a lot of sharing/collaborative economy.

Themes and dates for future Meetups are already set!

-March 2nd: 'Collaborative Economy & Blockchain.'
-June 13th: 'Collaborative Economy & Internet of Things.'
-September 2017: 'Collaborative Economy & Artificial Intelligence.'
-December 2017: 'Collaborative Economy & Robots.'

We tend to underestimate the speed of how these technologies will revolutionize the collaborative economy and society as a whole. We see an urgent need to start a conversation on these topics to seize all the opportunities they offer and also to address the applicable challenges . For us, is not about the technology, it is about the people.


For those newcomers to our project:

shareNL Meetups provide the opportunity to share insights on the collaborative/sharing economy in an informal environment. Meetups promote the flow of ideas within a friendly and easygoing atmosphere and are known for being informative but personal and relaxed.The event is two hours plus there´s always drinks afterwards.
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