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Viva Explorers Community Day BE

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Viva Explorers Community Day BE


Time Topic
08u45🔹Welcome with breakfast
09u30🔸Introduction to Viva Explorers
10u00🔸"The new performance equation with AI and Microsoft Viva" (Ine Princen - Microsoft Keynote)
10u50🔹Coffee break
11u10🔸Rolling out Viva Insights (Kristien Boussu)


13u00🔸Getting started with Viva Topics (Anouck Fierens)
14u00🔸Viva from an admin perspective (Sara Fennah)
15u10🔸The Viva empowered humans of IT (Steve Dalby)
16u10🔸"Writing effective OKR's & Viva Goals" (Geneviève Loriaux & Giovanni Cangelli)
17u00🔹Community day end

Employee engagement has become a crucial focus for organizations in today's competitive job market. A positive and engaging employee experience can help attract and retain top talent, and innovative technologies can play a significant role in achieving this goal. That's where Microsoft Viva comes in.

Microsoft Viva is a game-changing platform which contains modules that focus on topics such as employee engagement, learning and development, and well-being, making it the ideal solution for companies looking to enhance employee engagement and improve their overall employee experience.

What's more, Microsoft Teams is not only a chat and meeting tool – it also serves as a "hub" towards the Microsoft Viva modules, creating a seamless and integrated experience for employees in their flow of work. This means that employees and their managers can access most Viva modules directly from Teams, making it easier than ever to stay engaged and informed.

Join us in Brussels for multiple exciting sessions on Microsoft Viva and the vital role it can play in enhancing employee engagement and transforming the employee experience within your organization. During the sessions, you’ll get to know the latest features and best practices, success stories from companies that have implemented Viva, and provide actionable insights to help you get the most out of this powerful platform. And above all you’ll get multiple opportunities to connect with your peers from other organizations.

Let's work together to create a workplace where employees can thrive and grow. See you there!

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Viva Explorers Belgium
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