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This community is open for anyone wanting to share knowledge and experience with Atlassian products (like Confluence, Jira and Crowd). Join today and we hope to see you at our first meetup!

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New (Lunar) Year! New you! Your Migration Journey to the Cloud with Trello!

With the year of the Tiger just round the corner, it's time for a new you, and if that "new" has anything to do with either Trello or Cloud Migrations (or both!?) then come join ACE Netherlands where we will be doing something rather exceptional and quite insane: bringing together some of the best in the biz when it comes to Cloud Migrations and combining them with some exceptional knowledge from those who know use Trello best!

This will be a highly interactive session, where anyone and everyone can get involved and help to build out an amazing Roadmap: an ultimate "leave no stone unturned" project for a migration from Server to Cloud; no matter the Atlassian product or ecosystem being migrated.


People who want to LEARN: whether you're new to Trello & super intrigued by it's power as a collaboration tool, or you're going to migrate to cloud later this year (or BOTH!?), come join us for some serious knowledge sharing and imparting of wisdom!

People who want to FLEX: whether you're a Trello uber-nerd or a monster migrations guru, we want YOU... to come and share you knowledge, insights and wisdom with the group

People who want to have FUN: come one, come all... if only for a liitle bit of learning, or maybe a small amount of flexing, you're most welcome - let's do this!


To help stimulate our sessions, we have some serious Users, Partners, and SMEs to come help get the ball rolling and do most of the heavy lifting:

Brittany Murphy - Trello's #1 fan and one of the most well know names in the world of Trello

Laura Holton - Extreme Trello enthusiast, well versed in its ins and outs and regularly helping others on the Online Community

Nic Brough - One of Online Community's most famous personalities (over 10k answers!), 66% of his day-in, day-out Consulting work is in Atlassian Migrations

Lorenzo Phillips - Around since the dawn of the internet, he's been there, done that AND got the T-Shirt when it comes to Atlassian Migrations

James Seddon - A human who knows the intricacies of Atlassian products like the back of their hand

Andy Barker - He might be loud, he might be fun, but he's also done some serious project work using Trello over the years; even a migration from Cloud back to Server (say what!??)


Join in with the migrations fun with this very special Zoom Background: Countdown to Cloud.png

(Click on the G:Drive link above; download to a local folder; used the Video settings in Zoom to locate the background and add it to your list!)

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