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Hello, fellow Kotlin enthusiasts! 🚀

We're thrilled to announce the unification of various Kotlin communities into a vibrant, inclusive, and dynamic collective - the Dutch Kotlin User Group (NLKUG)! Our goal is to build a lively community with lots of interesting events where we can learn and have fun.

Joining NLKUG means you'll have access to all sorts of cool stuff. We're talking about meetups led by community members, free training days, conferences, and more. It's a great way to get better at Kotlin, share your own experiences, and meet people who love coding as much as you do.

But remember, our community thrives on collective wisdom! We encourage you to bring your unique experiences and insights to the table. Because at NLKUG, every member is both a learner and a contributor. 💡

Ready to join us? Become a member of our community at https://kotlin.nl. It's totally free!
Come and be part of our journey, and let's get better at Kotlin together! 🎉

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Past events (4)

Kotlin Meetup Amsterdam

Xebia Netherlands BV

Kotlin Meetup Amsterdam with Nico Krijnen & Urs Peter

Xebia Netherlands BV

Kotlin Meetup XL with Bruce Eckel

Xebia Netherlands

Dutch Kotlin User Group Kick-off & Meetup

Savannahweg 71k

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