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Quick & Effective Techniques For the Holistic Health Practitioner

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As healing practitioners or coaches, we know that not every technique works for every person for every situation. That is why it is always good to have many ‘tools’ in your ‘toolbox’. In this 1-day workshop you will learn some amazingly simple techniques that are extremely effective. These techniques are a welcome addition to anyone’s ‘toolbox’. Not only are they highly effective in helping people get rid of some feelings, cravings, or thoughts that they don’t want, they can be used as incredibly astounding demonstrations in front of groups or one on one.

Who should attend this class?

• Hypnotists and NLP Practitioners
• Life Coaches • Holistic Healers
• Therapists & Psychologists
• Anyone who wants to learn how to help others or themselves

This workshop is structured towards not only explaining and showing you how these techniques work, you will have both the chance to experience them and deliver them as a practitioner. When you leave, you will be comfortable to immediately use these techniques on others.

Here are the techniques and processes that you will experience and practice -
How to help someone get completely over an intense emotional issue concerning someone else or an event in just minutes
- A technique to help a client identify and then diminish if not completely clear both emotional and physical pain
- How a limiting belief can be completely abolished and a new, resourceful belief is installed in moments
- A technique to help someone quit eating a food that they crave in minutes with just a few questions and suggestions

In this 1-day intensive workshop, you will not only learn the techniques described above, you will learn how and why they work so you will be equipped to work with almost anyone.

Here is what you will get in this one-day workshop –
• An understanding of how we internally represent feelings towards things we like and don’t like
• How to fully elicit these representations and important attributes of them
• How to elicit answers from a client when you hear “I don’t know”
• A simple technique similar, yet more powerful and effective than EMDR
• How and why eye movements are so important
• How to help someone with an emotional issue from a past event without ever knowing the details of the event
• How to reduce or eliminate pain while working with internal representations
• A handbook which guides you through the steps of performing each technique
• A certificate of completion

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