What we're about

Turning your passion into purpose! Do you want to unleash your greatness? Turn Your passion into your purpose and define your strategy of how? Avoid any limiting internal self-talk/beliefs that self-sabotage those amazing ideas you have within you.

We get together to strategize utilizing the NLP practices to get ourselves where we want to go. We reverse imagineer and sculpt our steps in unique ways that really can empower you with great support within and out.

Trust you have the joy as you align your unique passion to your purpose. Trust you already know and let's find out how to find out what to do, be or have.

NLP is about modelling excellence and determining new choices that open minds to new possibilities. It is your turn now and knowledge is useful for ourselves and when we improve ourselves influence ripples out to others in business and personal life.

Many successful people use  NLP - Tony Robbins is a leader in the field.  Once you experience NLP you may notice it being used by many.  Executives with their teams, business owners in their business and relationships.

NLP is an exciting tool that inspires communication and provides many different techniques to increase awareness, motivation, confidence and powerful models to improve you in ways you may have not seen possible prior.

Who is this meetup for? If you are wanting to learn new strategies that give you ropes to skip and actions to pursue.

Coaches, leaders, health enthusiasts, nurses, those in-between jobs, empty nesters, people with health challenges, and anyone wanting to re-invent themselves in new enhanced ways.  Experience self-coaching techniques for you, that comes from you and who you are.

What will you receive when you attend? Demonstrated NLP tools, interactive discussions, connect with yourself more and network with others, and upgrade your frame of mind and emotional experience.   Emulate the patterns of those who are successful at what you want to do, be, or have.  

Combine and test out NLP techniques to see what works for you. We all are unique, check it out and choose how you can turn your purpose into a passion and help others do the same. as a positive influence for yourself and your team/ loved ones and HAVE FUN.

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Story Focus Group - Relationship Magic

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The secret is in the power of your story.

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The secret is in the power of your story.

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Taste Of NLP - Beginners Taster Join us.

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