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NLP is Fun in Las Vegas is a Study Group on Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) where we also Experience Hypnosis.

The Facilitator of this Study Group is Nadia Harper a Society of NLP approved NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnosis Trainer and Coach and has Trained with many of The great names in NLP including Both Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder the creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

We are an Active Personal and professional community using the Power of Neuro linguistic Programming & Hypnosis to change our lives for the better.

We are The largest and the First Ever Group to Study and Demonstrate NLP Successfully in Las Vegas since 2009 we also partner with 2 other groups which are:

Las Vegas NLP and Hypnosis http://www.meetup.com/Las-Vegas-Hypnosis/

Building success Action Group http://www.meetup.com/lasVegasNLPcoach/

Each of these Groups are Facilitated By NLP Trainer Nadia Harper with more than 700 Combined Members we form Las Vegas' Premier, Largest and Active Resident Neuro Linguistic programming Community.

We meet regularly each month and have people who have been actively improving with us for several years. If you are looking for a group to Use, Study, Practice and Learn more about NLP & Hypnosis for personal and professional development you are in the right place, right now.

This is Las Vegas' premier NLP Study Group focused on Peak performance using Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)

We are an action based group that meet frequently to learn new ways to be Empowered and Focused in work and play.

Each week we Host a Live and Free Call called Monday Morning Motivation is is 15 Minutes of Solid Power and "Can Do Juice".

Every month we offer a low cost Coaching Drop in Call for those who need real answers for real situations happening in your life right now.

Our Motto is:



I Am

Every Problem has a variety of solutions, we will keep going until we find the most suitable one.

"Nadia has a wonder spirit that puts people at ease her style of presenting made me feel welcome the moment i walked through the door. The experience i came away with still resides with me now".

"This meeting was great, the energy was flowing and Nadia was awesome"

This Study group is focused on the following Technologies.

1. Teaching of covert and indirect Ericksonian Hypnosis & Hypnotic Inductions.

2. Neuro lingustic programming.

3. Self love and Heart centered Application.

4. Quantum Physics

5. Consciousness

This group frequently communicates about:

a) Self Management and personal Peak Performance

b) High levels of productivity at work

c) Presenting to and Developing Other people via Coaching and Leadership










Developing other people

and Mastering your mind.

The Facilitator of this Study Group is Nadia Harper a Society of NLP approved NLP Trainer, Certified Hypnosis Trainer and Coach and has Trained with many of The great names in NLP and Hypnosis including Both Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder the creators of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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What NLP Master Practitioner, Best Selling Author, Influence and Persuasion expert Dave Lakhani says about Nadia Harper:

"You are the undisputed Queen of NLP and Hypnosis, whenever someone wants to learn NLP I now recommend you, you really get it".

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More Resources for Hypnosis, NLP, Personal and Professional Development:

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http://www.nlpisfun.com (http://www.nlpisfun.com/)


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What people are saying about NLP is Fun, in Las Vegas:

"the beginners class was fantastic..I am glad I went.. I look forward to the next class.."

"You know I am really glad I made the trip from New York, I have heard such amazing this about NLP is Fun in Las Vegas and you Nadia Harper. Impressive to see how many NLP celebrities were present. I will definitely tell everybody about it.

More than worth the trip to Vegas, Thank You Very Much!"

"I love this Group. I love the Knowledge and the Fun atmosphere. I am Learning much more NLP now and I recommend it to Everyone. Come and have Fun Learning with us."

"I was completely unfamiliar with chakras & energy work when I arrived. And, I'd never hypnotized anyone. By the end of the evening, I hypnotized 3 people. 1 of those people was done strictly through the use of energy. Quite a night".

"This was a small group, which was actually good because it allowed me to experience NLP directed to me specifically, which was really cool. The people were all really nice, and it was fun to experience both NLP and hypnosis in this context. I am excited about what I learned and experienced, and I am definitely looking forward to future sessions. Thanks!"

"It was great. The new location is much more comfortable than the old place. I easily got into a very deep trance during the hypnosis segment. Nadia timing was great in that she stopped when we'd learned enough to be satisfied, but not overloaded. And, we had a great time hanging out after the lesson was done. That's something that couldn't be done at the old location."

"Excellent Meetup, Nadia is great as a person with lots of knowledge in this area. Very pleasant to be around. You will not regret coming to these meetups."

"This group was phenomenal! I learned so much from everybody in the group. Very interactive and experiential. The venue was great.. it was the perfect place to relax and really be involved in the whole learning process. Lots of great conversation.. Nobody wanted to go home!"

"I got into the deepest trance I've ever been in and learned A LOT! The Subject sounded complicated. But, once we got going, it really wasn't that hard."

"Nadia covers a lot of ground at each session. But, you always leave amazed, when you realize that you got it all & think about how much you're going to benefit so much from what you learned. ;-)"

"Yet another incredible session with Nadia and the group. In this session we were able to practice our own ability to do inductions, both verbal and non-verbal and learned about positive intention and energy. Each participant was successful in taking their partner into deep trance, even our first-time guest! With Nadia's vast experience and skill, and the venue being so warm and relaxing, it makes it so easy to learn.

Each week is more powerful - can't wait until the next meeting!!! For anybody wanting to attend, I recommend RSVP'ing early!!"

"Wow, where do I start. This Evening was Mind Blowing I Hypnotized with Energy and with a Non Verbal Induction I had never done this before. I was really surprised at how deep I was able to hypnotize my partner while doing the exercises.
And the People I met are as Important as the Learning. I have been to many of these and now I can really see the difference in what I am doing in all areas of my Life. I can't wait for the next one."

"I really enjoy the class. it was very informative. all of the attendee are very friendly and down to earth, and the environment are all very inviting. The Class itself was structure in a way that it was easy to follow, learn and execute. Nadia, our host was very experienced, friendly and extremely helpful, she took the time to explain things thoroughly even to an extreme beginner like me. really really appreciated that Thank you Nadia, and thanks to everybody that attended last night."

"Amazing Class....Fun Trance work...Lots of Practice...Informative...Lovely Atmosphere...Every one was at ease and able to Practice....Left me Energized & Happy....I also had a friend attending who didn't feel completely sure about a Hypnosis meetup...but she enjoyed the Class very much and was able to enter into Trance and also was able to hypnotize others in class & she is looking forward to attend more of these...Thanks for making this Possible Nadia"

"Great meetup. Nadia did a wonderful job of explaining what NLP is and some it's pre-suppositions."

"Thank you Nadia!"

"Nadia shared powerful insights with the attendees. This is a rare opportunity that is much appreciated."

"I am thrilled that I went to this meeting. And as you read this review, you may also wonder what amazing life changes will happen for you by checking out the next one!
Nadia is a delight, she is one of the great minds in NLP with a kind heart.

"Very relaxing....thanks Nadia."

"Who would have thought that you could cure a phobia in such a short time. As Nadia's demonstration subject, I was able to completely reframe a fear from my childhood. Now those things that used to be triggers are just no longer there! Amazing! And.. more new members to the group attended. It's so exciting being able to learn and experience new things and make incredible friends."

"The Opening Induction was Truly Amazing...Powerful....(looking forward to more of these )....am hooked on....Thanks Again...2 Nadia for making this Possible...Fun way to spend the evening...most of all this is a great tool for people who seek to Improve themselves..."

"All I can say is .... incredible! Looking forward to the next meeting!"

"Great useful information I am working on implementing iASAP. I am committed to practicing what I've learned until it is second nature. The more I learn about NLP the more I want to know. I'm surprised at how much information people communicate in ways I didn't notice before the training."

"We practiced some new inductions and got some great practice on how to use our voice to hypnotize people."

"Great as always and more new people joined this week. The Swish Pattern is one of the most patterns in NLP and it was presented in a way that everybody was comfortable understanding and executing it."

Another powerful evening!

"Excellent Meetup - As always - Great Stuff Practical, Doable & Effective - Totally Enjoyed it.....Thank You"

"This was Excellent..I am glad I showed up...The Trance sessions were Amazing...The Whole Evening Highly Informative & Practical....Makes you more aware of Yourself...Looking forward to attending more of these....Thanks Nadia"

"Good time, lots of info and fun. Already experiencing change as a result of attending...

Thanks again!"

"It's something I already knew about but the Meetup gave me another, more powerful, group opportunity to actually practice it. Nadia is an absolute darling, worthy of the Bandler trademark, and it is instantly clear that she deeply cares about people and is running this group as a purely altruistic contribution to humanity."

"This meetup was GREAT!"

"Thoroughly Enjoyed this Event...Also got to see Live several Phobia Cures performed by Nadia on the attendees.."

"I've been to a lot of Nadia's meetups. This one was exceptional. I'm motivated like you wouldn't believe."

"Nadia is amazing! The information she shares and the hypnosis sessions she conducts at each meeting are worth at least ten times $10.00.

"Caring, sharing, bright, enthusiastic people who want to help each other succeed!"


"Thanks for tonight Nadia, It was wonderful to meet you and I look forward to another meetup."

"Amazing, Practical and Usable....It works & it's super easy....Again very Informative Class....wasn't just limited to the Swish Pattern covered basic essentials as well....Provided time for practice with other attendees & also for Questions and Discussion on the Subject...Easy enough for Lay Person to Understand the Subject and its application's..."

"This was my first meeting about NLP. Nadia is truly gifted and is the only person I have ever met that explained what NLP is, how NLP works and showed me how utilizing the NLP tools can bring powerful and positive changes in people's lives. Thank you Nadia!"

"This training covered so much great information that I can use in my everyday life as well as professional. It was good for me as I needed to know how I present myself to people and gained knowledge how to improve my verbal and nonverbal communication skills and so much more"

"Nadia is very knowledgeable in NLP. She is interactive with all present. I look forward to classes and have always left in a calm and relaxed state!"


* NLP/Neurolingistic programming

* NLP Training

* NLP Coaching

* NLP Study group

* NLP for sales

* Hypnosis *Hypnotherapy

* Hypnosis Study group

* Hypnosis coaching

* NLP Leadership

* NLP and Hypnosis

Upcoming events (2)

The Amazing Fast Phobia Cure

Einstein Bros. Bagels

The Fast Phobia Cure is One of the most talked about NLP Patterns. And for very good reason too. It is well known due to the high levels of effectiveness in its participants. Many people may or may not know that the Fast Phobia cure changes a life time of Phobias in Just minutes. The Last time I offered this Training in exactly the same Format 2 of the participants had the chance to test this Cure out within the week. 1. Overcame Claustrophobia, Driving Phobia, Elevator Phobia this is three Phobias overcome from a session just like this. 2. Overcame a Phobia of leaving the house and being outside alone. If you would like to find out how to create success in using this pattern for yourself and or other people then please jump on this webinar. This Class comes complete with a Handout for all participants. There are many things that you may not know about the use of the Fast Phobia Cure so bring your note pads and Pens. This is a Neuro linguistic programming Demonstration, Training, study and practice event to learn how to elegantly perform and experience the "Fast Phobia Cure" Bring Guests who you know will benefit.

NLP workshop "Well formed Outcomes" NLP Goal setting for 2020

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Learn a new NLP Pattern - Online NLP workshop "Well formed Outcomes" NLP Goal setting for 2020 Did you know Learning how to use Neuro linguistic programming can easily change your whole life. Some of the benefits of NLP can be • You can work through internal conflict • You can become more persuasive • You can overcome a past failure and Rise above it • You can change from Miserable to Fully Complete • You can thrive in negative environments and not be affected • You can Create Influence in your communication • You can program your mind to heal and overcome Illness in its own powerful way Meet other NLP'ers Have Fun Practice Improve Transform your life for the better Enjoy Neuro linguistic programming Bring your friends Ask your questions Interact Details NLP workshop "Well formed Outcomes" for a thorough process using NLP for congruent Goal setting for 2020 Here you will learn this NLP Pattern to find new resourceful ways to enjoy the best days of your life. Lots of Hypnosis and NLP tips and information to help you to transform your mind. Bring your notebook and come prepared to enjoy, have fun, learn and Be Present you will receive this Transformative lesson, Hypnosis served with Good energy and always expect the best Bring somebody who you know will benefit from this session.

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Saturday NLP Session - Create a new Habit

Einstein Bros. Bagels

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