What we're about

Our Meetup Group makes the power of NLP accessible to you!

• We welcome experienced NLP practitioners...and Newbies who want to learn more.

• Today, almost all of the most effective personal development teachers, healers, and leaders in all walks of life use NLP.

Interest in Neuro Linguistic Programming increases when people recognize how we create our life experience…through our thoughts & words. An understanding of NLP is helpful in understanding others, in transforming unsupportive beliefs, an in massively increasing your professional success.

The West Los Angles NLP Meetup Group is now hosted by Joseph Faust,

Co-founder of The Love Course (attract & succeed with your True Love),

& Founder of Work Smart Life Well (success coaching for entrepreneurs).

Joseph is a master NLP Practitioner and has been utilizing NLP to serve his coaching clients…for almost two decades.

This group is for PEOPLE who VALUE…

High quality communication, connections, & extraordinary results!

HOW do we do it?

The skills of exceptional people can be "modeled" using NLP.

We meet by phone (easy), and sometimes in person (for special events & trainings).

What is Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)?

• NLP is the Art & Science of Human Excellence.

• NLP is the study of how people receive, store & use information.

• NLP is an approach to personal development that produces extraordinarily effective communication and results.

Our group focuses on the personal use of NLP as applied to:

• Personal, business, & relationship success

• Changing habits

• Increasing productivity

• Sustainable financial success

…by communicating more effectively with ourselves & others.

Join us to learn more about…

yourself, and succeeding with others - while you create an extraordinary life!

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