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NLP Wednesday Night Meetup Regardless of circumstances, don't you know someone so stays happy, productive, and prosperous regardless of the circumstances. What are they doing differently than what others have been doing? NLP offers specific skills for wiring-in your own states of excellence. Learn specific skills to including State Mastery, Deep & Lasting Rapport, and the Life-Change Patterns of NLP. Get more of what you way you want in life. Please attend this FREE! NLP Wednesday evening workshop MeetUp and come away with specific skills to transform your ability to achieve any outcome you congruently desire in life. Meet like-minded people interested in NLP Neuro Lingustic Programming and related technologies for profound personal change and business excellence. Achieve more than you dreamed possible. Meet Bill, world-class NLP Trainer. Location: 11811 N Tatum Blvd., #P113, Phoenix, AZ 85028. It's by PV Mall, a block south from Cactus on the south east corner of E Paradise Village Parkway S in the mirror-glass windowed building. Park on the south side of the building after hours and come to the bottom floor P113. Contact me at[masked]

NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute

11811 N Tatum Blvd. P113 Paradise Village Office Park · Phoenix, AZ

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Learn about how you can be involved in the upcoming Arizona Global Association of NLP. That's right! Regardless of your previous NLP training, if you are interested in NLP, you can join. See the web page at

NOW YOU CAN...attend this FREE NLP Wednesday Night MeetUP. Meet like-minded local people in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area interested NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), hypnosis, and related technologies for profound personal change and business excellence. NLP is a tool for self-improvement, effective communications, persuasion and influence, and personal growth, life coaching, business coaching, attracting wealth and much more. Learn specific NLP skills for State Mastery, Deep & Lasting Rapport, and specific Life-Change Patterns of NLP. Change unwanted habits and limiting beliefs, eliminate phobias, achieve natural weight and body shape, stop smoking, total win, win-win or principled negotiating, resolving conflict, attract wealth, enhance business and sports performance as you learn about eye accessing, hypnotic language, reframing, submodalities, therapeutic metaphor, parts integration, MetaPrograms, behavior modeling and more. NLP has been called 'the study of subjective experience,' and is defined by co-founder Richard Bandler as 'An attitude and a methodology leaving behind a trail of techniques. Curiosity is the attitude. Behavior Modeling is the methodology.' NLP is also 'the study and application of excellence.' NLP techniques are consistent with the concepts taught in "The Secret," and "law of attraction." NLP can help you wire-in powerful new resource states throughout your brain and nervous system, so that new behaviors become easy, effortless, and automatic.

This is real 3rd Generation NLP. And now you can learn from Bill Thomason, the only world-class NLP Master Trainer certified by Robert Dilts and Judith DeLozier from NLPU in Santa Cruz California, the birthplace of NLP. Bill is right here in the Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona. Bill founded the NLP Coaching & Skills Training Institute, the premier NLP coaching and training institute of the Southwest USA. Eliminate the barriers to your success and install your own patterns of excellence. Now you can attract a great relationship, get a raise or better job, make more money, increase sales and selling ability, and manifest a deeper understanding of 'law of attraction' and you can get more of what you want in life and you can do it easily, quickly, and relatively painlessly. NLP is perhaps the most powerful technology on the planet for creating change and performance enhancement.

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