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NLP Practitioner Group Monthly Training Maintenance Meetup

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If you're like me, your NLP Practitioner training was fantastic! Life changing! Astounding! You learned so many things about yourself, about others, about your place in the world.

It was magical! Aaaaand then you went home and slipped right back into your daily life and not only forgot the magic, you forgot you learned how to perform magic!

In this meetup, we will simply be keeping your NLP training current through talking about concepts, and most likely in many ways updating your NLP skill set!

About me? I've been a trainer of NLP since 2001 and my NLP Certification trainings are held in the Greater Toronto Area and are 20 days long in duration.

Most likely it's the most complete NLP training in Canada if not North America.

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NLP Practitioner Integration & Maintenance
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