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What we're about

Node.SC aims to bring together Santa Cruz developers and technologists who use node.js or want to learn about node.

I'd like to build a community of experts and newcomers in an atmosphere where people feel comfortable teaching, learning, collaborating, and just nerding-out!

I picture our typical meetup running something like:

Meet and greet
A couple 'lightning talks' (5 mins) on topics such as 'Quick Tips', 'Hot Modules', 'Node.JS Core Update', etc.
One or two longer talks (20 mins) on topics such as 'How To .....', 'Module Review', 'Case Study', 'Project Pitch', etc. I'd like to encourage these longer talks to include 'live coding' and actual execution of sample code. In my experience, showing people how stuff really works is both more engaging and more impressive :)
Keep the conversation going over drinks and snacks.
Wifi and seating to encourage hacking after the talks are over.

I'm excited to get this group going but I'll be looking for your help and look forward to building something exciting and long-lasting!

What is node.js? - Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. http://nodejs.org/

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