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"How to Improve the performance of a single page application"

I will walk through the techniques that helping to improve the performance of a modern single page app. I will demonstrate how these techniques and best practices can be easily employed using the Angular CLI but the same techniques universally applicable for any modern single page app.

Aliaksei Kuncevič

“From A and B to ~150 microservices, the journey, and learnings”

Is microservices right for you? 5 years back when we started breaking our monoliths it looked like a rosy road. In this talk I will reveal how the journey went and highlight the learnings. Of course there will be the part of how node helped us in that adventure.

Geshan Manandhar

“Meet Espruino - the JavaScript mini computers family”

Following Vas’ lightning talk last month:

Espruino is JavaScript-only family of mini computers which you program using an online IDE. So, the only things you need are: browser, JavaScript syntax knowledge.

Vasyl Boroviak