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Nodebp 2014 November

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Gergely N.


This will be a pre-event of One-Shot Budapest ( (, but anyone can attend! ;)

  1. What can you do with your own NPM registry? - Szabolcs Toth

In this talk, Szabolcs will tell why they have started to host their own private npm registry at Ustream, and the use-cases. Today, their private registry is a solid foundation not just of node based apps, but for the client-side code as well.

  1. Introduction to pull-streams - Dominic Tarr

Pull-streams are a simpler functional pattern for async streaming sets and properties. They are easier to reason about than node streams because they have more well defined states and they clean up after themselves.
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At 21:00 we will head out to Ankert.

1061 Budapest, Andrássy út 39. · Budapest
29 spots left