Nodebp 2017 August


In August, Nodebp happens again! Come and meet with fellow developers, network and have fun!

Scripting a MIDI controller with JavaScript - David Szakallas

JavaScript can be found on strange places, not only the browser and Node.js! I will talk about how I created MIDI controller mappings in JavaScript for the Mixxx DJ software. There are many difficulties to tackle when working with such a peculiar platform especially if you want to use the best features JS can offer. After an introduction to MIDI programming and the Mixxx software I will show how I used modern language tools such as npm, Babel, Rollup.js, Flow and Lerna to create my relatively complex mapping from scratch.

State Management with Reactive Programming and ES6 Proxies - Miklos Bertalan

Large scale front-end state management is overwhelming. A single piece of state may be represented at several places in the UI, in the URL and in a Web Storage and it may be mutable from a couple of different widgets. Wiring this together with an imperative approach is heavy and bug prone. Reactive Programming allows the developer to describe these declaratively and focus on the end result instead of complex boilerplate logic. It is widely used in the core of todays most popular front-end frameworks, but no implementation utilizes the benefits of ES6 features yet. In this talk I will explain how to improve Reactive Programming and state management in general with ES6 Proxies through React and MobX examples.