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Rise of Microservices

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Johann du T. and Adrian R.


Microservices ( are a very old idea that has picked up a new head of steam, and are becoming a very popular approach to building applications with node.js.

Instead of building a single application, why not build many applications that communicate over standard network protocols? With each service being very small (often around 100 lines of code), they become very easy to build and compose into new systems.

While they do have a lot of promise of being much more developer friendly, flexible and scaleable, there is no such thing as a silver bullet (, and every benefit comes with some drawbacks.

Adrian Rossouw (, CTO of Wayfinder ( will share his experiences from migrating a monolythic application onto a new microservice architecture, including vexing questions such as how to deploy and manage your services, configuration management and just how this all applies to the front-end.


This will be our last event of the year. And ending on a bang !

Big thanks to IO ( for hosting once again.

6 Beach Road · Cape Town