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Hi Nodesters! I'm excited to bring us back together for some food and a great lineup of talks ***WEDNESDAY, August 15th, 2018***

**Colin Ihrig - Introduction to libuv: What's a Unicorn Velociraptor?**
Libuv is what gives Node.js its event loop and cross-platform asynchronous I/O capabilities. This talk explains what libuv is all about, and how it's used by Node.js. This talk also looks at recent development efforts in the libuv project.

Bio: Colin Ihrig is a member of the Node.js Core Technical Committee, a libuv collaborator, and a hapi.js core team member. He is the author of Pro Node.js for Developers, and co-author of Full Stack JavaScript Development with MEAN. Currently, Colin is a product engineer at Joyent, focusing on Node.js development and enterprise support.


**Eddie Zaneski - Dockerizing a node app and deploying it to Kubernetes**

It is definitely the year of Docker and Kubernetes as dev teams of small and large companies are starting the migration to containers. We'll jump into the deep end and take an application from running on a single server to running in a container on Kubernetes while also learning the basics.

Bio: Eddie serves the developer community at DigitalOcean. When he's not automating things in his apartment you'll likely find him climbing rocks somewhere.


**James McGill - Large-scale refactoring across multiple

A micro-service and micro-repo architecture carry a large number of benefits - but a simple way to make changes across a large number of services is not one of them. With Node changing rapidly (for the better) we needed a simpler solution for large-scale refactoring across multiple repositories. Using jscodeshift, and a tool developed internally called
Slider, we have been able to maintain consistency across hundreds of repositories.

Bio: Jimmy McGill is the VP of Engineering at Button - a former Googler, former Australian and forever a maker at heart. Jimmy joined Button to help eliminate the barriers to commerce on Mobile. When writing Node, you'll find him in a warehouse in Brooklyn designing and building furniture.


We'll be at Skillshare this month!

See you there!