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Nodeschool: From Zero To React

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This event is suitable for newcomers with little to no javascript experience. If you have some experience with javascript, you will have a recapitulation of the parts that are essential for React development.

🎓Join us as a mentor if you are experienced with Javascript and React. You will learn from the experience of teaching others.

🎤 main speaker/mentor Marcel Mokoš -
Medium publications:

🧸 mentors/helping hands
Olšo - (,,

💻 Bring your notebook. If you do not have a suitable device, please write a comment and ask others for help.

🥤☕️🍰 Sponsor in negotiation 👻

You will learn good parts of javascript that will help you start with React. We will be using any latest browser preferable chrome and for exercises and built-in testing library

You do not need to have Node and NPM installed for the event, but you can install it or update on your system before the event.

We will start with a recapitulation of javascript for newcomers
1. Primitive data types
2. Difference between Null and Undefined
3. Variables and Constants
4. What is a javascript Object
5. An object can have Properties
6. An object can have Methods
7. There are standard built-in global objects in Javascript
8. We will demonstrate passing arguments to Functions as an Input and explain that function can return an output
9. A function can have a name or exist without a function name

Break 🥤☕️🍰

Javascript the good parts frequently used in React
1. Testing Javascript instead of debugging with console.log using
2. Shortcut for if statement
2. Default function parameters
3. Destructuring assignment
4. Destructuring in a function parameters
5. Iterating over List or Collection of Objects

Break 🥤☕️🍰

React introduction.

Time to shine with react
1. Our first functional component
2. Composing components and passing props to children components
3. Conditionals in render
4. Iterating over collection in the render
5. difference between react's defaultProps and default function parameters

⁉️ Please if you have any question to the description or the event ask here using comments.

We do not know if we will be able to cover the whole program for the event. The plan is to follow with an event entirely focused on React development.