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What we're about

This group is for the pragmatic individual who wants to learn how to code or become great at coding.

We focus training on Javascript Stack, covering topics such as:
- Javascript Core
- Node.js
- Object Oriented Javascript
- React
- Angular JS
- Angular 2
- Mongo DB
- ES 2015 / ES6 (EcmaScript)
and more (obviously)

Become a Confident and Resourceful developer who can solve any programming task

Who is this for
- Self starting ambicious individuals
- People Pursuing career in Technology(Coding)
- People looking to start their own company
- You do not need a computer degree (We are self-taught coders too)

What we are Not
- We do not present content which goes over your head.
- Topics are very contextually relevant, so you get value for your time with us

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