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How about having one group where you see your startup dreams coming true? How about meeting the Gurus/Mentors for entrepreneurship/legal/marketing/internet marketing/technology at one stop? And How about not spending a penny for all above?

NOPAY is the place for you,

whether you are an inventor or designer with product idea or
if you have just re-engineered some ideas and you feel you can do better with a start up or
if you are a thinker with an idea for startup or
if you are a developer/computer scientist with expertise and willingness to help startups in free time or
if you are a startup in garage mode and want to get out of garage

NoPay Startups is an innovative group to help/connect people with entrepreneurial spirit, with technical competency or just ideas. This is a philanthropic initiative to offer help to all startupers (NoPayers) and enthusiasts (NoPayees) willing to join startups. NoPay will help NoPayers to startup their dream venture and will help them with legal umbrella, cloud and other technical infrastructure and even manpower at no pay! Yes, No Pay!

HOW? - You will have all answers when we attend your first meeting. And yes, you wont have to spend even a dime to join us or to attend our meetings or even when you start up.

All you have to do is join this group and keep yourself warm for all our Startup Innovative Incubation.

General Definitions:

NoPay Startups is a regular event organized by NoPay which is a mini-philanthropic social business experiment.
NoPayers (NoPay Employer): Entrepreneurs (or to be entrepreneurs) or anyone who has an idea to start a startup and is looking to start with few employees (NoPayees) who he/she can pay in future equity can be called a NoPayer.
NoPayees (NoPay Employees): Individual contributor/developer or anyone who can help a startup grow and would work for No Pay till the statrup starts earning revenue is termed as NoPayees. NoPayees can be paid in terms of equity as well. Eligible NoPayees should commit at least 3-5 hours a week for startup they are willing to join.
NoPayCats (NoPay Catalysts): NoPayCats (NPCs) are individuals who have accomplished something in life already and are willing to help other startups grow. NPCs can be on board of advisors for the newly formed startup. A NPC can be an internet marketing guru, or a PR person or an investor or a master sales person, anyone catalyzing the process of starting up and executing.

Privacy: We have always ensured that we respect your privacy. Whatever information you have shared on meetup.com and linkedin.com is the only information available to others. NoPay wont share any of your ideas or profiles with anyone, unless you want to. We plan to build this community around people who want to help others and grow with them.


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