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What we’re about

The biggest question I get is what separates this group from other hiking groups? Not all that much really. We hike, and we see some pretty spectacular things. The difference is that we tend to move a little slower through our natural pace, so this group is for hikers who tend to find themselves at the end of the line who sometimes lose sight of the group they're with. While we are a little slower, we also tend to stop and take things in along the way. When we get to a destination point, we may spend an hour or more there just taking it in and enjoying it. We are a group that is not in a hurry.

During the summer months, most of the hikes are in the Sierras that includes the Lake Tahoe area, Crystal Basin, the Carson Pass area, Mokelumne Wilderness, Desolation Wilderness and other areas. In the winter and spring, while waiting for the snow to melt, this group hikes the foothills and coastal regions in the lower elevations of Northern California all within two and half to a maximum of three hours from Sacramento.

I cannot emphasize enough this group is not about racing to a destination in that the entire hike from the trailhead and back is the destination.



I get questions about dogs, and unfortunately your pets will have to stay at home. The reasons for this are varied: Some people are uncomfortable around them, others are allergic, and there are some hiking locations where dogs are prohibited. Pets may also disrupt wildlife in the area that we may encounter and want to enjoy being in the presence of.

You MUST know your physical abilities and what you can and cannot hike. If you think a hike may be too challenging/strenuous for you, it is strongly advised you do not RSVP for it. While we practice a "no one left behind" mentality, an inability to keep up or handle the terrain/elevation does impair the hike for others and the group experience overall. We are not fast movers, but we do want to get to the destination point. Know your abilities and listen to your body!

While we do move at a more relaxed pace, if you choose to carpool, you need to be mindful of the members you rode with and keep up with them so they are not waiting for you in the parking lot for an unreasonable amount of time for you to return.

If you RSVP to a meetup and later find that you are not able to attend, which is perfectly fine, please change your attendance status to not going.

I have seen where one hiker will try to "coerce" another hiker into doing something they are not comfortable with or afraid to do, such as climbing to a higher peak, going to the edge of a cliff, or something else that makes them uneasy. Persuasion and coercion will not be tolerated and will more than likely result in your removal from the group.

If you find yourself running behind to a hike, send a message to the group to communicate that, but keep in mind the message may not be received. We hike in areas that are not covered by cellular service. If you arrive past the start time and the group is gone or you did not get a reply to your message, it means we did not get your message.

To be clear, we are organizers and hosts, we are not guides, leaders or experts. We are everyday people who like to hike in the wilderness and want to join with like-minded hikers.

NorCal Trail Trekkers is a non-professional social group. Only you can assess your abilities to attend a hike and are solely responsible for your safety and well-being. Please familiarize yourself with Meetup's Terms of Service. It is your responsibility to know your ability when signing up for a meetup. Please contact the hike organizer with any questions you may have.

By joining this group and being a member of it, you are agreeing to all terms set forth, which may change at anytime, and you are responsible for keeping abreast of them.