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Online Fitness Class - Level 2 (Moderate to Hard)

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Trevor J.
Online Fitness Class - Level 2 (Moderate to Hard)


You will need to use Zoom to attend this event (see website: I will send you the Zoom invite after payment has been received.

As well as trying to get out once per day for walks etc. this class will compliment those other activities and keep you fit and healthy.


What it will include:
• Warm up exercises to get your muscles warmed and joints loosened ready for the main exercise routine
• Cardiovascular (or aerobic) exercises to keep your heart and lungs healthy and help you develop or maintain a healthy weight
• Resistance (or strength) exercises in order to maintain your muscle mass particularly if you are restricted in your normal activities whilst locked down where you would be using your muscles more everyday
• Some balance work
• And finally completing the session with some lovely relaxing stretches

Cost - £5 if paying for a block of 5 in advance. Otherwise it will be £6 per class.

Nordic Walking - Edinburgh
Nordic Walking - Edinburgh
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