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What we’re about

The North Texas Shamanic Drum Circle provides a community for anyone with an interest in exploring and practicing methods of shamanic journeying for purposes of personal healing, wisdom, and empowerment. All of the drum circles are facilitated by Kevin Main, an experienced shamanic practitioner and faculty member for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. These circles provide opportunities for beginners, advanced practitioners, and everyone in between, to experience these methods in a group setting with live drumming, and to have a supportive environment for voluntary sharing and discussion.

In order to better serve the diverse needs of our community, both instructional and experienced circles are regularly scheduled. Beginners should attend at least 2-3 instructional circles before participating in the experienced circles. Those with previous experience outside of the instructional circles are also welcome to join, provided that they contact Kevin Main directly to discuss that experience at least 14 days in advance.

Instructional Drum Circles

Instructional drum circles provide the opportunity to learn how to journey, to practice journeying with live drumming for support, and to connect with and deepen one’s partnerships with helping spirits. More experienced practitioners are welcome and encouraged to attend these instructional circles as well for review, for more opportunities to practice, and to participate in the discussion.

Experienced Drum Circles

Experienced drum circles provide the opportunity to explore self-directed journeys with live drumming for support, to practice healing methods with which participants are already familiar, and to take part in more advanced, facilitated group practices.

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