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What we’re about

Update July 2016.

Dear new members we would like you to join us. We would like to know a little about you before we invite you. After all you don't barge in someone's house without Introducing yourself or being invisible. I understand some of us private more them others and do not wish to disclose a lot about them self. But when your profile , interest and picture missing and you don't think it is important to answer 3 questions how are we supposed to know that we have been missing you all our life? Please help figure out in which way you would be great addition to our group.

Update June 2016.

 Glancing over a year of a group I have realized we had a very successful year and exceeded all expectations. We started as walk/hike group with main goal to stay local.Congratulations to all us who found a strength and courage to come out, sometimes- push them self out, to be healthier and social. We've evolved in to so much more! We met, made friends, had fun, ate and dance. We did great! Not that there is no room for improvements. I understand life happens and plans change. So far I have been very lenient regarding no show , no call , no cancellation notice. I'm beginning to see the reason most of the established meetups developed policy of "3 strikes - out".I hope our group wan't have to implement it. When I go to a show and can't enjoy it because I'm looking around for 3 person, whom I saved the seats for,it makes me wonder if there appreciation for for what group has to offer  or for what it takes to organize an event. I hope there a little more awareness could be found in a near future.

North York and York Region Walk and Gab group is a meet up group for people who like to get out and enjoy fresh air while walking around town, parks and trailers with other people. Great way to get fit and meet new people in your neighborhood. Fitness is always better with company or a group of people to keep you motivated and have fun. So come out and join our walking group find a fitness buddy or may be even a best friend. We also will do easy social activities just to stay connected such as pub night in local establishments, BBQ party, and historical places, lectures on health. We have busy calendar and we try to be easy on a budget with a lot of free or almost free events like concerts in a park and outing to beach. We do easy coffee night and games night and a movie.We also go  strawberry picking and art/DIY events.

 I would like to encourage anybody who is looking for a company to walk with helping them self by picking a convenient location and hosting a walk - you will draw local people and make friends. I want everyone to feel this is THEIR group.

Meetup fee $2.