Orbital Space Colonies, a Far Better Home in Space than Mars

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Our own Larry Gales will present on living in space:

“Orbital Space Colonies, a Far Better Home in Space than Mars”.

1. Why should humans attempt to live beyond our planet earth.
2. Why is space so insanely expensive and what can be done about it.
3. What are the advantages/disadvantages of orbital space colonies versus life on the Moon, Mars, or other planetary bodies.
4. How can space colonies allow us to achieve interstellar flight and colonize much of our milky way galaxy, all within the framework of existing technology.

Larry last presented on Energy Efficiency, this time it will be more speculative, but just as interesting and informative. Larry is great presenter and his presentations tend to be very interactive.

Larry has an MS in math and a PhD in computer science from the University of Washington. He has worked as a computer programmer, computer consultant, and as a Research Associate Professor at the Center for Quantitative Sciences in Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife, at the University of Washington, often applying or analyzing computer models of biological systems.

In retirement he has concentrated on environmental issues, and once a year teaches an 8 week course titled “Energy, the Environment, and Climate Change: a Future for our Children”, with a special emphasis on energy efficiency. But while the environment has recently been his main emphasis, for many decades he has used his scientific background to closely follow all aspects of space technology, including space conferences, online discussion groups, and personal contacts. These have given him a very broad understanding of the issues involved in space technology.