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What we're about Tired of sitting at home with nothing to do? Tired of the bar scene or trying to meet nice people on some online dating service ? Maybe you just want to get out and have some fun and make friends the old fashioned way by actually meeting them in person ?

We are a group dedicated to having a good time and invite fun people (over the age of 21) to get together and enjoy life.

Cook-outs, Bar/Nightclub Excursions, Themed parties,Picnics, weekend vacations , camping, canoe and rafting trips etc.. Mountain/Trail bike rides, Hiking, fishing, boating, Winery Nights, Happy Hours,Pot Lucks, and House Parties. You name it and we can get a group together and do it ! Just as long as it is fun.

This group is for couples and singles but we will occasionally have "family" oriented activities as well for all of you who have difficulty finding a sitter. The more members that are active that have younger children the more family friendly events we do.

This is a great way to meet new people , make some new friends and relax after a hard workweek or workday. So.. come-on! Membership is have nothing to lose except boredom! charges all organizers of a group $72 each six months and we pass the dues box around now and then to try to cover it.. but not a major deal.

Please participate and also be considerate regarding your attendance at events. This meetup group exists to benefit you and to allow you to socially network in ways you would never be able to experience on your own.

We dont really want to have folks that no show to events or are habitually late for events for no reason. Would you do that to someone you are meeting for the first time or a friend ? Hopefully not..

So please take care to not do that. Our philosphy is that if you no show to an event that involves someones home or alot of work you will be removed. If you no show for other things more than once you will also be removed and if you are habitually late for no real reason you will be removed.

Anyway.. Enjoy life and have a good time doing it !!!!

Party on.


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