What we're about

Let's create a brighter future for the forgotten.

Every shelter animal is capable of transforming our lives with joy & companionship.

But let's face it — those who are waiting to share their love with an adoptive family don't always receive the same level of attention that they are eager to give us.

Cramped living conditions, lack of physical exercise, and social isolation can lead to lasting psychological trauma in rescue animals. It's time for a change.

A new chapter in a long fought revolution.

Our nation has a long history of fighting for the voiceless & the vulnerable.

In 1869, America’s first animal shelter was founded.

In 1995, the first No-Kill Conference was held.

In 2018, thanks to your support, the No-Suffer Movement has reached a national audience.

What is No-Suffer?

Cage-free shelters. Free-roam kennels. Plenty of love, playtime, and socialization for every shelter animal.

Not Possible? Too Expensive? A waste of space and resources?

Animal lovers heard those very same arguments in 1869 and 1995. And we aren't stopping now.

About Us

We believe every shelter dog & cat deserves the same level of care that we give for our housed pets.

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