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as a first time mom and having had virtually no clue what i was doing since i became pregnant, i quickly sought out the guidance and advice from my mom-friends throughout all the surprises that comes with these experiences. i’ve, then, realized that the support other women have given me has helped me not only navigate the confusion associated with pregnancy & parenting, but also throughout the struggles associated with balancing my career, my marriage, my relationships and sense of self as a new mom and new woman.

i struggled a lot during my pregnancy especially as my body changed so rapidly. i worried if i’d ever feel like myself again and what will my life be like after my daughter was born. will i sleep? will i do well at work? will i still like my body? how will my relationship with my husband change? i know...i know, everyone does this so it should be easy! but in reality, this part of my life feels both beautiful and scary at the same time. i’m now realizing that i am definitely a new person and embarking on this journey of motherhood is truly an amazing and exciting time, however it also comes with a lot of confusion, loneliness and isolation. so as a result, i think we women can come together to support each other throughout this and figure it out as a team!

if you’re a mom living in the san marino / san gabriel vicinity and would like to take part in a mom’s club for play dates, social outings, and other random activities involving just figuring out motherhood together or just plain ol’ venting- please join!!

i look forward to meeting all of you :)

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Kids Club: The BeatBuds

Americana at brand

hi mamas! if anyone is interested in attending this, please come! i’ll be there with my husband and would love if anyone wanted to meet us down there! from the website: “Join us for a weekly dose of fun, including music, entertainment and so much more on Tuesdays, from 11AM – 1PM. This week’s lineup: The Beat Buds The Beat Buds introduce kids to the joy and educational benefits of music by providing a fun and engaging musical experience.” https://www.facebook.com/events/413239422583528/?ti=icl

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baby & me @huntington hospital

Huntington Hospital

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