What we're about

NoteWorking is a New York City-based meetup for musicians and music-industry professionals using digital tools for promotion, marketing, sales and collaboration.

Every month with experts give quick presentations, full of great advice you can take home and do yourself. You'll have a chance to network with other musicians and music professionals, and there's free pizza at every meetup!

Our mission:

The NoteWorking mission is to service a community of aspiring and professional recording artists, producers, songwriters, musicians and other music industry professionals with Internet music business education, resources, trade, and networking opportunities in the new digital music economy.

New Media technologies have given rise to a revitalized music industry adopting D.I.Y. strategies, tools, and techniques to effectively and profitably create music compositions, productions and programming, which are marketed and distributed to music fans on a global level using a combination of free open source digital tools and low cost software technologies.

The new music economy is split now more than ever, between the music industry professional in a multi-million dollar recording facility and the bedroom producer composing in Logic or Ableton. Artists and DJs can quickly build a loyal fan base using blogging tools like Wordpress and Movable Type, live promotion using Twitter and uStream.tv, or build online music communities with social media tools like Ning, MySpace, Facebook, and Bebo. Digital-only labels now distribute with companies like Ingrooves or sell directly through Apple’s iTunes and niche indy music sites like Beatport or CDBaby. Singer/songwriters produce and edit music videos using MotionBox and then distribute with YouTube, Vimeo, and ViddYou to take advantage of a viral video opportunity that may help them to reach millions of music fans worldwide for free.

Now more than ever, community and networking combined with learning and education are critical to today’s music industry professional and hobbyist seeking guidance and advice on how to advance their music careers in a fast-paced and challenging digital world.

Through monthly ‘meetups’ and annual ‘un-conferences’, NoteWorking couples music creators with online music and media industry professional to present, explore, and discuss the relevant tools, technologies, strategies, and frameworks to build a successful music career. Each month, NoteWorking will feature experts and organizations in blogging, social media, promotion and marketing, distribution and sales, web design and development, audio and video production, law and regulation, and more.

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