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We are the Portland Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Our focus is on the dietary wisdom of our ancestors; and how to nourish ourselves with traditionally prepared, nutrient-dense, real food. In addition, we are focused on non-toxic remedies. To learn more about our dietary recommendations, please see: this overview booklet http://bit.ly/healthy4lifebooklet , and/or request to receive a free information packet http://bit.ly/infopacklink. Please note that we do teach about the importance of pasture-raised and wild animal foods, so we are not a plant-based Meetup. Our activities include educational talks, farm tours and farm events, farm-to-table restaurants, outdoor picnics, potlucks, and concerts in the park.

Please note that while we are very new to Meetup, we are a well-established chapter and others who follow us on Facebook, and receive our Evites will also be in attendance. So while you may see only 2 people RSVPd for an event here, there are likely another 10 from other invitation channels!

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Your Health For Sale with Former Merck Executive

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Vitamin K2 MK-4 aka Activator X Presentation

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Dinner and Discussion at Joule Crafted Nutrition

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Pediatric Facial Growth and Development

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