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NoVA CBG RideWithGPS Club Account: How To Get Yours

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NoVA CBG RideWithGPS Club Account: How To Get Yours


Greetings CBG'ers,

NoVA CBG will traditionally post a RideWithGPS route (sometimes multiple) for any ride we currently have on our schedule for you to use during the actual ride. These routes are great since they will give you turn by turn directions.

If you are using a Bike Navigation Computer (Garmin, Wahoo, Etc..) you simply download the file format you want from the RideWithGPS route link posted for that meetup and load it accordingly for your bike computer. This will give you your turn by turn directions.

If you have the RideWithGPS app loaded on your phone and are a NoVA CBG RideWithGPS club member (one of your $10 club membership benefits) you also can get turn by turn directions.

Below is how you become a NoVA CBG RideWithGPS club member.

Step 1:
Be a card carrying, dues paying, member of NoVA CBG.

Step 2:
Load the RideWithGPS App on your phone and have your own free RideWithGPS account.

Step 3:
Join the NoVA CBG RideWithGPS Club Account by following this link:
Click "Apply to Join" and then sign in using your free RideWithGPS account username/password.

*** NOTE: If you follow the above link and don't see the "Apply to Join" button ... make sure you are opening the link in a BROWSER window (even on your phone) and that it doesn't open by default in the RideWithGPS app. ***

Step 4:
Gary (ME) from NoVA CBG has to approve your account so please RSVP to this meetup once you've done steps 1 & 2 above. That will allow me to cross reference and approve your NoVA CBG RideWithGPS Club Account.

Step 5:
Download the NoVA CBG RideWithGPS route you want to use and go have fun on the ride we have posted.

As always, Stay Casual!!

Gary Wolanske
703-568-1550 (cell/text)
Online event
Link visible for attendees