Cognitive Computing: At the cross-roads of Data Science and NLP

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Talk Description: Cognitive Computing: At the cross-roads of Data Science and Natural Language Processing

For decades, science fiction has envisioned intelligent machines that could communicate with people using natural language and could understand and learn from books, reports, and TV. These intelligent machines are a reality today thanks to breakthroughs in cognitive computing. This meetup will provide an overview of Cognitive Computing and then dive into Statistical Natural Language Processing (NLP), aka Computational Linguistics.

Speaker Bios:

Frank Stein, Certified Analytics Professional, Director, IBM Analytics Solution Center

Frank Stein is the Director of IBM’s Analytics Solutions Center (ASC) in Washington, D.C. In this role, Frank is responsible for driving strong connections between IBM and government, industry, and the academic community on the application of analytics, big data, and cognitive computing to mission and business problems. Frank has spent much of his career in R&D, with the last 15 years in IBM’s customer-facing units including the Analytics Solution Center, and the Federal Innovation Solution Center, both of which he helped to create. He has been an invited speaker worldwide on his technology efforts, most recently on Watson and Cognitive Computing. Frank is the Co-Chair of the AAAI Fall Symposium Track on Cognitive Assistance for the last 2 years. He is an INFORMS Certified Analytics Professional, and an IBM Certified Watson Developer. He also serves as a Watson ambassador to local universities.

Mona Diab, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, The George Washington University

Professor Diab conducts research in Statistical Natural Language Processing (NLP). This is a rapidly growing, exciting field of research in artificial intelligence and computer science. Interdisciplinarity is inherent to NLP, drawing on the fields of computer algorithms, software engineering, statistics, machine learning, linguistics, pragmatics, information technology, etc. In NLP, we model language and its use, building both analytical models and predictive ones. In Professor Mona Diab's NLP lab, problems are addressed in social media processing, building robust enabling technologies such as syntactic and semantic processing tools for written texts in different languages, information extraction tools for large data, multilingual processing, machine translation, and computational sociolinguistic processing. Professor Diab has a special interest in Arabic NLP, where the emphasis has been on investigating Arabic dialect processing where there are very few available automated resources.

6:00pm-6:30pm Networking and Food
6:30pm-6:45pm Welcome and Updates
6:45pm-7:30pm Cognitive Computing Overview - Frank Stein
7:30pm-8:15pm Statistical NLP Overview - Mona Diab
8:15pm-8:30pm Q&A
8:30pm-9:00pm Networking

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