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Tesla's life and work
Nikola Lonchar has had a strong interest in learning about Tesla from an early age, spending the past 60 years familiarizing himself with the great inventor's life and work. As a child, Nikola even had the opportunity to know a personal friend of Tesla, and lived in close proximity to the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. This presentation will focus on some of the lesser known details about Tesla's life and work. Additionally, the presentation will engage the audience with the theme of how to correct the injustice and error of Tesla having been left out of much of American History. The presentation will attempt to paint a world without Tesla's contributions so that it is clear how much our modern lives rely on his great work. The floor will also be open for questions in order to facilitate engaging discussions about this topic.

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The Nikola Tesla Inventors Club was formed to promote the legacy of Nikola Tesla by raising awareness of his accomplishments, picking up where Tesla left off, and furthering his work. We bring together those with a genuine interest in Tesla through educational programs, workshops, meetings, and public events. NTIC also selects several inventors per year who have demonstrated a promising idea that exemplifies Tesla's life and work. We help patent and and bring these ideas to market by forming an appropriate team of professionals including engineers, attorneys, and business/marketing specialists.

Dear members and Tesla followers:
We have brought to successful conclusion our key yearly event in which
we celebrated Tesla's birthday and many of his scientific
accomplishments. We are grateful to all of you who are members, for
your participation and efforts. We also appreciate the moral support
and encouragement from all of you Tesla followers and would like to
invite you to join us by participating in at least some of the 30
events that are planned for the upcoming year.
There are so many things that are planned for the next year that there
should be no problem for everyone to find something of interest to get
involved with.
If you are an administrative type, helping us to organize events would
be greatly appreciated. We will be working on bringing over the
travelling Tesla Museum . Then there are various
collaborations between Tesla Museum, Art Institute of Philly,
and other universities on everything from art to
educational projects - including school assembly programs that are
being worked on with the Franklin Institute.
If you are technical then you can get involved with all sorts of
projects - from rebuilding our web site and launching an internet
radio service to participating in events such as building your own
Tesla Coil. Or if you are creative and artistic then one of the
possibilities is getting involved with production of a film "Tesla and

If you are good at fund raising then our
501(c)(3) registration is something that could keep you quite busy anddealing with lots of connected and influential individuals and

organizations. Or if you are a scientist or an inventor then please
get involved and let us know what you need and how The Tesla
Foundation and/or the Nikola Tesla Inventors Club could be of
assistance to you.
Finally, if you've read all of this and if you have not seen something
that you yourself have in mind, even then there is room for you
because most of what we do is driven by ideas and efforts of
individuals like your self. So, please either contact us or come out
to one of our upcoming events.

P.S. If you have the drive and if you share most of our vision of
promoting life and accomplishments of Nikola Tesla and if you would
like to launch a chapter in your own city then please contact me.


Nikola Lonchar

President / Founder

Tesla Science Foundation


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