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Nursing, Data Analytics, and ICD-10/ Risk-Adjustment Coding

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Nursing, Data Analytics, and ICD-10/ Risk-Adjustment Coding


Nursing, Data Analytics, and Risk-adjustment are the three areas of healthcare data management of our group's focus. This group was created for tech savvy nurses who want to advance into the world of data analytics; and apply their clinical knowledge to solving common problems within the healthcare industry.

Group's objectives:
*Understand how to conduct a
exploratory data analysis to build your
professional portfolio

*Learn about how data analytics is
transforming the nursing profession

*Explore emerging nursing careers in
the field of Data Analytics

*Discover the power of pivot tables

*Learn key concepts of Stakeholder

*Learn 'Presentation Skills for Nurses'

*Understand key concepts of ICD-10
and risk-adjustment coding policies

Nurse Data Analytics Group
Nurse Data Analytics Group
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