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What we’re about

Come join us and let's ride together in the Pacific Northwest. 

Membership dues of $10 is good for 1-year and goes towards keeping this meetup going.

This meetup is primarily for Can Am Spyder and three wheeler (Trike) ryders living in the Pacific Northwest. As a member, we will be respectful of others. New trikers, old trikers, young, old, male, female, straight, gay, bright orange, doesn't matter. Let's ride! 

For any ride scheduled and/or posted all members are encouraged to bring along friends, life partner, significant other, doesn't matter. Friends with two-wheels are welcomed as well if invited. 

As a reminder, this is a co-ed meet up group for all trike riders in the Pacific Northwest area - started as a forum and remains so.  This absolutely is not a club and no one person "owns" it. Be an event organizer, assistant, lead or follow.

Every member is invited and encouraged to post - so email in with ride suggestions or where to meet up. Ask questions about trikes and routes; make friends, have fun. There aren't many rules on here, just use common sense when emailing. If you don't like a lot of emails, set your preferences to daily digest. 

Riding solo is great! But, riding as a pack with like minded individuals gives you a sense of belonging, safety, and the willingness to explore areas never thought possible.

Let's ride like the wind!

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