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Whats up NWI and South Suburbs?! Are you ready for some fun events in the region!?

Unlike other social groups or organizations, we "do not" charge any annual membership fees or dues! When we do charge minimal organizational fees, they are based on the website renewal fees, or individual event, and cover any out-of-pocket costs that we incur with the events and/or commitment fees that we pay to the venue in advance of the event.

If you've already tried internet dating and perhaps other meetup groups, here's a new opportunity for meeting new people. Even if you just want to make new friends of the opposite sex, this group is the way to go! The goal is to bring unattached people together!

We strive to have non-intimidating, comfortable social events after work and on the weekends.

This is not "like" a dating website. Its about meeting new people and making new friends and possibly even meeting a perspective boyfriend or girlfriend in a safe environment. But the main goal is making new friends and new connections.

Our ages range quite a bit and most age groups are welcome. Our average ages of members are upper 30's - 60's though. If you are in your twenties or early thirties, we're probably too "mature" for your tastes.

So, why spend the weekend sitting at home alone when you could be hanging out with a bunch of fun loving singles from the area?

Join us for our next meetup! We would love to meet you!

Mike & Erica

Events Planners/Organizers

A few rules and comments:

If you have not uploaded a picture of yourself yet, we highly recommend this. We need to know who to look for at the meetups and it helps us to remember your name.

If you join this group and do not attend meetups for a very long period of time (like a year or more) or continue to RSVP and do not cancel and do not show up, you will eventually be removed. Its OK to change your mind and UN-RSVP before the meetup at any time. People who continue to "No Show" regularly though, will eventually be removed. Please be accountable to the events that you say that you will attend (especially those that require reservations).

If you don't log onto the meetup site at least once in 10 months or more, you're probably going to be removed. Please don't get your panties in a bunch over it. We're just cleaning house. No hard feelings. Rejoin at ANY TIME! We would love to have you back! There is no point in wasting your time or ours if you're not into the group though.

If you joined this group without using your real first name, you will be removed. You do not have to include your last name in your profile but no "nicknames" or made-up names please.

Separated Singles are welcome! Dating Singles and their partners are also welcome! People DO date in the group and outside of it too. You will see couples here and there. But if you are married, you may find other groups in Meetup more fitting to your lifestyle. That being said, if you MET in our group and got to know everyone and then went on to tie the knot, well, we know that we're gonna keep seeing you at some of our events. We are friends after all! Yes, we have had a few marriages as a result of people meeting in our group.

If we are not doing the kinds of meetups you would like to see, please suggest meetups! Volunteer to lead meetups as well! We are open to many new ideas. Members will have the opportunity to sign up for these meetups. VOLUNTEERS ARE IMPORTANT! We need you to step up and help! There is no way that we can do it all. Start a discussion today and get people motivated about your ideas!

Please see other group rules on the discussion board. If you have concerns or questions, please don't hesitate to ask. We are very understanding with privacy concerns.

(Just added) Please don't join this group listing a desperate plea in your profile that you have to find Mr. or Mrs. Right like your life depends on it. Guys do this more than girls and lets be honest, no one is attracted to desperation. For the love of all things holy, PLEASE don't do this. We are a group of friends and AGAIN, you might meet someone here but thats not the main focus of this group. Its to make new friends and connections in the area. If something happens, thats great! But don't get your hopes up and don't cyber-stalk the ladies through unsolicited private messages. We are NOT MATCH.com! You will get removed from the group for that behavior.

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