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What we’re about

We are meant to be happy
Throughout our lives, we’ve continued to seek true and lasting happiness. Perhaps the answer has always been too close. It is deep within us, our Spiritual Heart.
“Opening our Spiritual Heart, the key connection to our True Source (whom you may refer to as God, The Creator, Paramatman, etc.), is to improve our loving relationship with our True Source, to naturally be loved and guided every moment in everything that we do in life.”– Irmansyah Effendi M.Sc. (Founder)
Our Meetup Group helps introduce the programs and training Natural Way of Living offers to help you manage stress, anxiety and improve your health, enabling you to live in gratitude, happiness and freedom. Each practice is also easily integrated into your daily life.
There are free Introductory Natural Way of Living practices as public community services to support individuals and local communities live happier and healthier lives.
We also offer Formal Workshops with Certification, such as Reiki Tummo. All workshops (Open Heart, Secrets of Natural Walking, Secrets of Natural Healing, Open Heart for Daily Life miniseries, etc.) will be furnished with Certificates of Completion. 
We also have a Master Yoga curriculum to help advance one's spiritual journey.