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New York Android Developers
New York Android Developers
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- RSVPs close Friday 10/16, 3pm.
- Facebook requires guest check-in by full name so update your meetup.com profile (http://www.meetup.com/account/) if your name is incomplete. Directions here (http://help.meetup.com/customer/portal/articles/1233373-change-my-name).

- Please arrive early to allow extra time for lobby check-in.

Droidcon NYC chaos has finally settled down aaand... we're back! Back to bringing Android talks and of course, pizza (we know you've missed it).

Our talks...

"More about databases and ORMs than you wanted to know about," by Kevin Galligan, President of touchlab (a short Droidcon UK preview talk)

"How We Approach Internationalization at Meetup" by Michael Castleman, Lead Android Engineer at Meetup. Michael will share what his team has learned over the past years trying to get Meetup (and especially their Android app) working well for people outside of the big English-speaking countries. He'll talk about their localization process (and why we stopped using Google's app translation service), strategies for avoiding layout issues (with some examples of embarrassing ones), date & time formatting, sorting (which turns out not to even be computable for some languages), and why all this localization work still isn't enough. Plus he'll try to share some numbers from Meetup's recent launch in Japanese.

"How Do We Show All This Stuff" by Liam Spradlin, mobile designer at touchlab.
He'll talk about information density vs. hierarchy, why white space isn't wasted space, and dealing with showing too much data.

"Sympli: Collaboration for Designers and Developers" by Max Ignatyev, Founder of Sympli
As we all know, designers and developers speak very different languages. Max Ignatyev was the lead Developer on the Washington Post app and had issues going back and forth between designers (trying to figure out where files where, what colors were used, distances, etc.) and it would take hours for him to get this information, having no way to efficiently communicate with other people on his team. In order to overcome that, he actually created Sympli, which functions as a plugin for Photoshop, Sketch, Xcode and Android Studio, and also has a web app so that that back and forth communication and sharing would happen in 1-click.

We also have news about NYC Big Apps (http://bigapps.nyc/p/) – Opportunity to win $25K:
NYC is awarding $25K to a solution to improve the way New Yorkers experience living in NYC. We already use connected devices to count our steps, sleep and calories. How can we leverage the same technologies (or new ones) to measure what it means to live in the City that never sleeps? Imagine a way for residents to measure the noise levels, air quality or sidewalk traffic outside of their home.

Submit your idea online by October 14th: http://bigapps.nyc/p/
Questions? Email [masked]

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