October Meetup


Evergreen at Blue Apron, Tom Wilson

Do you like broken builds? How about shipping bugs to your customers? If so, then this is not the talk for you! Tom will talk about the Evergreen build philosophy and tool chain we've adopted at Blue Apron. We'll go over how we keep our build stable, what stability means, and how we stage our deployments to rapidly notice when things go wrong. And of course, there will be food puns!

The Cost of Your Views: A Dive into View Performance and Optimization, Josh Williams

The talk will cover the performance of certain views in Android as well as talk about best practices and solutions for each drawback or benefit. We will also go over some of the newer views such as ConstraintLayout.

Please make sure to bring ID for security (and be sure to provide full legal name at RSVP).

Thanks to Blue Apron (http://blueapron.io/)for sponsoring us this month!