• November Meetup at Convene!
    Join us for our November Meetup at Convene! Flutter for Native Mobile Developers, Martin Rybak By now you may have heard about Flutter, Google’s new cross-platform mobile app development toolkit, and maybe you are a little intrigued. Unlike other frameworks such as React Native or Xamarin, Flutter renders directly to the GPU and compiles to native ARM assembly. Martin will discuss what makes Flutter unique at a technical level, show some sample code, and help you decide if Flutter is a potential option for your next project. Data Visualization in Android, Cameron Williams Creating complex, interactive charts and graphs is a very difficult task to do in Android. I will discuss the various solutions I have used in the past, including custom view classes and React Native, to tackle common requirements set by product teams.

    This Meetup is past


    101 Greenwich St 2nd Floor · New York, ny

  • October Meetup at Facebook!
    We're back at Facebook! Scaling Instagram's Launcher Activity, Rahul Dandamudi This talk will discuss the way Instagram approached Scaling Launcher Activity silently under the hood without having any impact on engineering velocity of our engineers or on user experience of millions of users in production. Building Testable Reactive Apps with MVI, James Shvarts Normally, MVI implementations are notoriously complex and have a high barrier to entry. I will cover a version of MVI using RxJava2 and Android Architecture Components that is much more straightforward, full-featured and easily unit-testable. This MVI implementation is currently successfully used by the Android team at Weight Watchers to build our flagship app used by millions.

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    770 Broadway · 8th Floor, NY

  • September Meetup at Tumblr!
    Testing Anti-Patterns: Slow, Flaky or Totally Unclear? Building Great Tests from Bad, Or Bar With mobile applications growing in size and complexity, a good testing suite is essential to ensuring that fixing one bug doesn’t unintentionally cause another. While it’s common to get discouraged when first learning to write tests, it’s essential to learn from what your mistakes are telling you. This talk will address some pervasive missteps developers make and provide practical advice on how to build a great new test from the ruins of your old one. Dependency Injektion with Koin and Kodein, Zachary Smith Currently, Dagger 2 is the go-to library for implementing dependency injection in our Android apps. However, with the rise of Kotlin in Android development, DI libraries like Koin and Kodein are getting a lot of attention. But what do these libraries offer and why would we want to switch? In this talk, I'll start off with an overview of what dependency injection is and how Dagger provides this for us. Then I will discuss some of Dagger's short comings and how we can use Koin and Kodein as alternatives, albeit with some important trade-offs to consider. Thanks to Tumblr for hosting us! Want to give a talk? Submit your idea https://t.co/ci5IGWJtgm

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    770 Broadway 6th Floor · New York, ny

  • August Meetup at Kickstarter!
    Come hang with us in Brooklyn this month. We'll be having talks from Google Developer expert, Britt Barak and our very own Kevin Galligan. Thanks to Kickstarter for hosting us this month :) If you've ever wanted to give a talk, submit here - https://t.co/ci5IGWJtgm

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    58 Kent Street · Brooklyn, NY

  • July Meetup at Weight Watchers!
    Come enjoy the warm weather on the rooftop at Weight Watchers! ConstraintLayout, Ifeoma Okereke Have you started to use ConstraintLayout in your app? We will cover how to get started and show how to convert an existing layout into ConstraintLayout. MotionLayout, David Redding and Walter Dziemianczyk We will go over the current ways of handling some typical animations scenarios today and the pain points around them. We will then show you how you can implement those same cases using MotionLayout with less code and less headache!

    This Meetup is past

    Weight Watchers International Inc

    675 6th Avenue · New York, NY

  • June Meetup at Facebook!
    Join us at Facebook for our June Meetup. Performance trade-offs, Julian Krzeminski On the Instagram Performance team we optimize for different metrics like cold start, app size, scroll perf and some others. Optimizations sometimes involve trade-offs – optimizing one metric can regress other and in this talk I will go over some real performance trade-offs we encountered at Instagram. Apollo's Graphql Android Client, Brian Plummer At my previous employer, the New York Times, we needed an android graphql client and there wasn’t an open source one available yet. We worked with partners to create Apollo, a graphql library for android. Here's how we use it! And you can to!

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    225 Park Avenue South · New York, NY

  • May Meetup at Button!
    Come celebrate the warm weather with us on the rooftop at Button! Android Jetpack: Better app development with Navigation & WorkManager, Mozart Louis We will deep dive into how using Navigation & WorkManager Architecture Components from Jetpack can improve how you android applications. Kotlin Multiplatform Sqlite Update, Kevin Galligan Earlier this month we demoed Sqlite and Sqldelight running on iOS with Kotlin multiplatform. That was a proof of concept, but not ready for production. Since then there's been lots of progress. This is an update on the status of a real Sqlite multiplatform library (and threading libraries necessary to support it).

    This Meetup is past

    Button HQ

    220 E 23rd St · New York, NY

  • April Meetup at Plated!
    Leveraging the robot pattern for Espresso tests, Adam McNeilly How using the robot pattern makes Espresso tests more maintainable and less painful to write. ARCore+Viro: Understanding ARCore and Building Your First AR Experience, Josh Williams

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    111 West 19 St 3rd Floor · New York, ny

  • March Meetup at Facebook!
    This event was canceled.
  • February Meetup at Twitter!
    Join us for our February Meetup at Twitter! Talks: Productivity Hacks for Busy Engineers, Chuck Greb I say tom-AY-to. You say tom-AH-to. But what is a Pomodoro? Also how am I going to get my feature finished before the deadline, all these bugs fixed, and submit my talk proposal before the CFP closes all while my inbox is overflowing and slack won’t stop beeping! Can drawing 4 boxes help? I don’t know. But come to this talk and we’ll find out together. Level up your Kotlin game, Yousuf Haque Most Kotlin features are easy to pick up and obvious in their benefit, but there are a bunch of features sneaking around the standard library and at the language level that are not as prominent. This talk is a grab bag of such features, tips, tricks, and patterns that you can use to bring your Kotlin skill to the next level.


    249 West 17th Street · New York, NY