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New York City Beekeeping
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Please fill out the linked form. We'll be sending a link for access.

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While we all are coping with COVID-19 response, flowers are blooming and bees are hard at work.

We look forward to welcoming you when safety permits, but in the meanwhile, please join us online for a Beekeepers' Gathering.

The brief form here:
will help us tune the conversation to your interests and enable us to give you access to the live interactive event online.

We want everyone to be empowered by technology, so do not hesitate even if you have never met this way before.

Topics: Your questions are key, but we will be prepared to present & discuss the following topics.

Part 1: My Hive Died. What Killed it?
Deadouts & hive forensics - case studies invited (see link above).

Part 2: Spring Management in NYC:
"What the Bees are Doing, What the Beekeeper is Doing"

Part 3: Swarms - How We Hate to See Them Go!
Managing for swarm prevention.