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☁️ Open Telemetry 101 ☁️

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Aviv K.
☁️ Open Telemetry 101 ☁️


In the webinar, I will go over Open Telemetry (OTEL) basics and close all the gaps for the ones who want to deploy OTEL alone.

In the webinar I'll cover the following topics, adjusted for those with zero knowledge in the domain:

  1. OTEL history 🏛️
  2. OTEL building blocks 🏗️
  3. How to deploy OTEL🚢
  4. OTEL tools ⚒️

Join me for a live session that will demonstrate all of OTEL's capabilities and understand how you can deploy it easily on your application easily.

NYC DevTools Meetup Group
NYC DevTools Meetup Group
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