F# MVC for WPF with Dmitry Morozov

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F# is known as a great language to express complex algorithms, crunch numbers and process all kinds of data. Have you ever wondered if it can be effectively used for such down-to-earth task as WPF GUI development?

“F# MVC for WPF” is a small yet powerful framework designed for building WPF applications in F#. With strong support for MVC, functional, asynchronous and event-driven programming it enables you to build your solution quickly without sacrificing type system or testability.

Project's wiki: https://github.com/dmitry-a-morozov/fsharp-wpf-mvc-series/wiki

Dmitry is a software engineer with ThomsonReuters. He has been using F# successfully for the past 4 years in his everyday work to develop different kinds of enterprise software.