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Chris Marinos - Getting Your Func(tional) on with F#

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F# has a strong, growing reputation for its ability to simplify complicated problems like parallel and asynchronous programming, data processing, and financial modeling. However, F# isn't just great in these niches; it’s also great at solving everyday problems. In this presentation, you'll view F#'s practical problem solving abilities through the lens of a WPF MVVM application. If you're a newcomer to F# and functional programming, you'll learn some new functional techniques to add to your programming toolbox. If your an experienced F# user, you'll see some examples of working with F# in a GUI setting. Regardless of your skill level, you'll see a fun demonstration of a F# that differs from the academic material often found in introductory F# and functional programming talks.

Bio for Chris Marinos:
Software consultant at SRT Solutions, C# MVP, F#/functional programming enthusiast, (ab)user of LINQ, blogger, spearker, code/language monkey, video game connoisseur, tv buff

Note From Rick:
Not only is Chris Marinos a great guy to talk about F# with due to his hands on experience while consulting, he is also a Microsoft F# insider and is well known inside of the F# community.

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