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Interoperability in a Time of Dissonance with Paulmichael Blasucci

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Interoperability in a Time of Dissonance, or How F# Makes Polyglot Programming Better

The complexity of modern technology demands a polyglot approach to software engineering. But often times mixing several languages can cause considerable mechanical and cognitive friction. F#'s powerful orthogonal multi-paradigm feature set can greatly reduce this friction. In this presentation we will examine exactly how this can be achieved. We will look at useful examples of lubricating interaction with other languages -- both in the .NET ecosystem and beyond.

Paulmichael Blasucci is a researcher at Bayard Rock. As a passionate -- yet pragmatic -- polyglot programming enthusiast, he has leveraged F# for the past five years to deliver compelling solutions for a wide range of analytic business problems. He is also a moderator for the NYC F# Users' Group.