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Location Google 111 8th Ave., 10th Floor Entrance is from the 8th Ave side of the building, by 15th Street You MUST be registered on Meetup with your first and last name to gain access to the building. In your Meetup account, the Name field must contain your first and last name.

Chrome - Arne Roomann-Kurrik, Developer Advocate, Chrome Developer Programs Engineer, Google

Get a handle on the newest browser features you'll be using in the coming year. Through a series of demos featuring file access, graphics, sound, and system integration, you'll learn how to integrate these APIs into projects that give desktop apps a run for their money. HTML5 Showcase for Web Developers: The Wow and the How (

Best Practices for Accessing Google APIs on Android - Yaniv Inbar, Technical Lead for the Google API Client Library Team, Google

Integration with Google APIs (such as Buzz, Latitude and Translate) can enrich many Android applications. In this session, we will demonstrate how to do so easily, efficiently and securely using the Google API Client for Java. Best Practices for Accessing Google APIs on Android (

Quick demos on Google's recent launches for Geo and Commerce - Ossama Alami, Manager, Geo Developer Relations, Google

Some new, some hidden, and some surprising features of the Maps API, Earth API, Fusion Tables and other APIs you may not even realise exist. Secrets and surprises of the Google Geo APIs (

Lightning Talks

open to anyone at the meeting to give a brief recap on a session or topic - time permitting!

Go and App Engine - Bob Hancock

The experimental SDK for Go. How Office Hours helped me reduce my application run time from 58 seconds to 8 seconds.

Android and App Engine - Dario Laverde

A brief recap of the "Android + App Engine: A Developer's Dream Combination" session which introduced App Engine Tooling for Android with a demo that also features some of the new Android layout editor features from the "Android Development Tools" session.

How I Went to Google IO by Writing Cool Code - Lance Nanek

3 open source entries for the Last Call for Google IO contest. Two of the entries passed their respective Round 2 competitions to qualify for tickets to the Google IO conference. Google technologies employed were GWT, AppEngine, HTML5, YouTube APIs, and Android.

Mobile Security - David Wood